Peace of mind to cardiovascular patients

MEGI is a virtual health assistant that monitors, educates and supports chronic patients 24/7

MEGI helps you to

heart pressure

Control your blood pressure

MEGI uses personalised protocols to remind patients to measure their blood pressure and ECG daily.


Track your health symptoms

Receive personalised insights created by cardiologists that will help manage your chronic condition.


Connect with the doctor

In the case of unregulated BP or ECG values, MEGI alerts Telemedicine Center which connects doctor with the patient.


Understand your health

MEGI supports patients, easing daily life with a chronic illness. She takes on the role of educating patients, reducing their fear and achieving greater adherence to the treatment.

About Magdalena University Clinic

MEGI was created within Magdalena Clinic specialized for cardiovascular diseases between patients, cardiologists and experts in psychology.

Magdalena is a 100-bed facility providing diagnostics, telemedicine, invasive cardiology, electrophysiology, cardiac and vascular surgery treatments to more than 20.000 cardiovascular patients annually. Founded it 1997, it became one of the largest privately owned cardiovascular centers in the CEE region, employing 250 health professionals.

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